We’re all aware that poor lighting can wreck a video shoot. The resulting footage can either be too dark or too light. This also creates shadows that can spoil the shot. There are some basic techniques that professional videographers use when facing too much or too little light. Although DIY might seem a good choice at the time, a professional videographer has an entire bag of tricks that can be used to make a quality video when shooting under not-so-perfect conditions.

Professional Videography in Greenville

Enhancing the Video with Lighting Solutions

  • Camera Functions. Professionals know all about the different functions on a camera. There are several that can assist in getting the amount of light right when shooting. The first function is the iris. This involves the opening in a camera that controls how much light enters. Another function is that of the gain. With this, you can brighten the image. However, the higher the gain, the more grainy the shoot. There’s also the ND filter that reduces the amount of light that’s allowed to get through to the shot.
  • Environmental Light. Professional videographers know how to work with the environmental light that is around them. If shooting indoors, all light sources should be used due to the low level of light usually present. If outdoors, however, the sunlight might actually be too bright. In this scenario, the result will be a lot of shadows. The solution is to move into the shade, where possible.
  • Enhance or Lessen Environmental Light. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use reflectors to reflect the sun back onto the subject. This creates two sources of light – one from the sun and the other from the reflector. This reduces the amount of shadow. Sometimes, to solve the problem of not enough light, moving the artificial light closer is a simple fix and all that’s needed.

Putting the Pro in Professional

Professional videographers in Greenville possess significant skills and experience. There’s no doubt that lighting is extremely important to the quality of a video shoot. Whatever lighting problems a professional videographer is faced with, they’re able to turn it around and ensure a high quality video. For experience, professionalism and knowledge, Coastal DJ & Video should be your top choice for all your Greenville videographer needs.