Wedding Lighting in GreenvilleLighting at a wedding can add that perfect touch to one of the best days of your life. The ambiance that lighting alone can create is simply amazing. Whether you require a romantic; sophisticated; warm and inviting; or, modern look, there are many lighting solutions that can help to achieve it.

Lighting Ideas

  • Colored Lighting. There’s no denying that color is closely linked to our feelings. In fact, color psychology looks at how colors affect our moods and appetite. The fact of the matter is that on your wedding day, color can greatly enhance the mood and add to the overall feeling of the wedding reception. Whether you want to align lighting color with your wedding theme, or change the color according to what part of the reception you’re up to (e.g. first dance, eating), lighting can achieve it.
  • The Spotlight. When considering lighting to enhance your wedding, spotlighting a beautiful feature at the venue, a table, carving or even dance floor, can really add to the ambiance. There’s no better way to create a focal point and set the mood. Combined with color, it can really add that zing to your special night.
  • The Projection. This type of lighting projects images on the wall. It could be your monogram or name that’s projected on the dance floor or wall. Nothing says “special” more than a projected, individualized image.
  • The Backdrop. Lighting can provide the most awe-inspiring backdrop to any wedding. One entire wall can be lit up to enhance that special mood. Alternatively, lighting can be used as a backdrop to hide a wall.

Lighting can add something special to any wedding. It also provides that personalized touch so it becomes uniquely you. For special lighting, you can’t go past Coastal DJ & Video in Greenville. When contemplating your Greenville Wedding DJ and lighting needs, talk to George at Coastal DJ & Video about their special projected images to complete the perfect occasion.