Apart from the dance music at a wedding on the Outer Banks, DJs also provide a variety of music for the key stages of a wedding. Signaling to guests that something significant and new is about to happen is very important. It also sets the mood for that special stage in the wedding celebration.

The DJ needs to know what type of music is to be played and at what stage of the wedding it’s required.

Key Points at Your Wedding

Some key areas of your wedding that are often denoted by a change in music include:

  • Bride and Groom Enter the Venue. Appropriate music at this stage signals to guests that the couple is entering the venue. This will stop guests talking and ensure they look to the couple and show their respects.
  • Bridal Party Enters the Venue. This is another stage of the wedding that indicates to everyone the celebration is about to start.
  • Cake is Being Cut. Cutting the cake is a traditional aspect of any wedding. Both the bride and groom hold the knife as they cut the cake. This represents their first undertaking as a couple. The bride and groom also feed the cake to each other, symbolizing their commitment.
  • Speeches and Toasts. Music also lets guests know that the speeches and toasts are about to start. Just a change in music or a word from the master of ceremonies is required to get everyone’s attention.
  • First Dance. Traditionally, the first dance is a waltz. Although most any type of music is played nowadays.
  • The Send-Off. This denotes the time when the bride and groom leave for their honeymoon.

Highlighting with Music

Apart from the wedding music, your DJ can help with all the audio of the night on the Outer Banks. They ensure that all speeches, toasts and even roasts are able to be heard and understood.

The key points at a wedding should be highlighted with music. It cues to guests that an important event is about to begin and also sets that all-important atmosphere. An experienced DJ can really make the difference in terms of mood and a streamlined celebration. For all your Outer Banks wedding DJ needs, including specific music to denote the key stages of a wedding celebration, contact DJ George at Coastal DJ & Video.