Music adds a special touch to any wedding, particularly the wedding ceremony. It enhances the tone and can lift an average ceremony to an unforgettable one. There’s also music to suit every theme – romantic, inspiring, traditional or contemporary. Music considerations are especially important when it comes to the outdoor wedding event. No longer in sheltered confines, outdoor wedding music on the outer banks require a little extra planning.

Music Al Fresco

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Weather & Music

    • . When having an outside ceremony, you need to second guess the weather. What happens if there’s rain or bad weather? What about the music if bad weather strikes? Have a backup plan, such as a marquee, picnic shelter or even a nearby venue. Don’t forget to include the music in this backup plan.


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Clothing & Music

    • . When planning an outdoor wedding you need to consider the type of clothing to be worn. There probably won’t be a neat, level aisle to walk down. You probably won’t be sheltered from the wind either. Consider your choice of shoes and wedding dress. Just remember, you want your music to align with what you’ll be wearing and the overall wedding theme.


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Outdoors & Music

    . You need to think about whether the site of the ceremony has power or not. It’s often difficult for guests to hear in the outdoors. For this reason, you could find yourself in need of microphones and speakers at the ceremony.

There’s no question that if you’re planning to have your wedding ceremony in the outdoors, additional considerations need to be made in relation to the music. DJ George at Coastal DJ & Video offer battery operated systems, speakers, CD players and microphones that cater specifically for no powered sites and for ceremonies of over 125 guests. For all your Outer Banks Wedding DJ needs, call the most experienced in the area – Coastal DJ & Video.