Up lighting is an important option to consider when you are planning your event. Lighting effects enables you to create a striking ambiance in a room, allowing you to personalize your Outer Banks wedding, private party, corporate event, or fund raiser. The sky is the limit with up lighting options, and your imagination and creativity will certainly make for an affair to remember.

Bright Ideas for up lighting:

  • Use up lighting to compliment the theme of your wedding or party.
  • Colors can be used to create different moods and effects.
  • Project your monogram or logo for all to see.

If your Outer Banks wedding or private party has a theme, lighting will play an important role in its success. Imagine having a Hawaiian or beach theme event indoors, and at the same time, still have the ability to project a blue sky and fluffy white clouds in the room. This is just one way that your Outer Banks wedding DJ and videographer can use up lighting to compliment your event’s theme.

Setting the mood:

Colors can be used to brighten and light up specific parts of a room. There are several moods we can create through the use of color in up lighting. If you want to create a tranquil mood, we would choose shades of blue and green. On the other hand, you could create a sensual or romantic mood by using shades of purple, red, or pink. Your Outer Banks wedding DJ and wedding videographer can assist you with all of your up lighting needs and help set the mood for any event.