There are no words that can fully encapsulate the essence of the Manteo High School Prom from this past Saturday. Firstly, the NC Aquarium served a great venue to host this prom. With everyone dressed to the nines, the young adults of Manteo High School danced the night away in style and panache. The presence of North Carolina’s aquatic life complemented the vivacity of the guests and created a night to remember for those in attendance.
To fully capture the moment, the photographers were as snapping shots by the freshwater enclosure. Guests intermittently took a rest from indulging in dancing in the theater, to enjoy a nosh among the sharks in the Graveyard of the Atlantic. The prom king and queen had their dance to “One” by Taylor Swift while the prom court and remaining guests congratulated them on their special moment. The remainder of the night consisted of high energy music from the 80’s to now.
I, DJ Andrew Grossman, would like to thank Manteo High School for bringing so much energy, and leaving it all on the dance floor. The best of luck to all of those who are graduating this year, and for those who are not, let me say that it would be an honor to be your deejay next year.