Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg is a great place for a wedding event! The latest Outer Banks Wedding weekend found many Coastal DJ and Video DJs on events from one end of the Outer Banks to the other. This report on the latest wedding reception comes from Currituck County, where Mallory Miller and Dustin Thomas became one in matrimony on Saturday, June 4th. This is DJ Karl with the recap of the events of the evening.

Sondra Meinhardt with An Outer Banks Affair offered complete planning and coordination for the young couple, and we worked together to make sure all guests were entertained and well-informed, while the wedding party were away having photos taken during cocktail hour.  Coleman Shots Photography is always a great choice for wedding portraits, and they always capture some great shots of the dance party for us as well!

The bridal party was introduced from the “crush pad” into the main winery, where wine aged in barrels stacked around the venue. Everyone enjoyed the food served up by local favorite Currituck Barbeque. The music selections consisted of many country artists such as Hunter Hayes, Trace Adkins, and Shania Twain, all of which matched the rustic atmosphere. Top 40 songs and other dance selections were mixed in during the dance party to keep everyone on their feet and having a great time. We would like to congratulate and thank the newlyweds once more for having Coastal DJ and Video be a part of their wedding day celebration. Give it up for Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Thomas!!