Wedding DJ in GreenvilleEvery bride and groom wants to see their wedding reception go along smoothly, ensuring the comfort of their guests. Along with hiring your Greenville wedding DJ, you will also get the reassurance that your DJ is a confident and professional Master of Ceremony.

Why do You Need an MC?

  • To Welcome guests and set the mood for the party
  • For announcements of the bride, groom, wedding party, and first dances
  • To indicate when speeches and toasts need to be made
  • Announcing important moments such as cutting the cake and tossing the bridal bouquet

Benefits of a Wedding DJ

As a Greenville wedding DJ, we know the importance of guiding you and your guests through the wedding reception.  The MC makes sure that the most important and memorable events of your wedding reception run smoothly.  Someone has to welcome your guests, announce the parents, bridal party, and bring the bride and groom out with a bang.  A Greenville wedding DJ is certainly your best bet.

The MC is also responsible for directing those chosen to give speeches.  Traditionally, speechmakers are given a few minutes warning before being introduced by the MC.  Once the toasts have been given, the bride or groom may also make a toast or reply.  Your Greenville wedding DJ makes sure that everyone speaking is comfortable and knows exactly when to speak and where to stand.

Making Your Wedding Memorable

Some of the most memorable moments that are guided by an MC include cutting the wedding cake and tossing the garter and bouquet. These events need to be announced, allowing your guests to gather around and participate in all of the action. Hiring a Greenville wedding DJ, who also exhibits the professionalism required of a Master of Ceremony, is a great way to guarantee your reception the most memorable celebration of a lifetime, especially when you hire a wedding videographer.