Music at a wedding can add or detract from its enjoyment. When talking to your wedding DJ, there are a number of basic considerations you need to discuss and work out beforehand. Getting the right DJ for your needs goes along way in making the night a memorable one for everyone involved.

DJ Basics

  • Master of Ceremonies. You need to consider whether the DJ you’re going to choose offers MC services as well. If employing a DJ to MC as well, make sure they know the names of all parties involved, especially if they have unusual names. There’s nothing worse than being called the wrong name all night. Try and find out beforehand if you’re a good fit with the DJ and if you like their style. Organize and agree upon what they’re going to say and when they’re going to say it. Talk to the MC about the outfit you require them to wear.
  • Availability. Make sure you book the DJ’s availability well in advance. Otherwise, you might have your heart set on a DJ only to find they’re booked.
  • Playlist. You need to work out your playlist. Talk to the DJ about this and see if you have similar views. If they don’t have a lot of the style you’re after then the DJ is a poor fit for you and your event. If you’re specifically after some select songs as well, find out prior to hiring the DJ if they have them in their collection or will get them for the event. Remember, although it’s your big day, your guests will most probably come from a variety of age groups and backgrounds. To maximize their enjoyment, ensure you include some music for everyone.
  • No-Go Areas. There are often songs or certain types of music that you just don’t want played. It’s important that the DJ understands this before you go ahead. Remember who your guests are. Don’t offend them with any songs. The aim is to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Pricing and Contract. Get this worked out from the start. Ensure you’re clear with your DJ beforehand about what’s included and what’s not. For example, they might require a minimum amount of hours.

Your wedding DJ can add significantly to the overall enjoyment of an event. Great music and/or exceptional MC services can certainly enhance the mood of all involved. For all your Outer Banks Wedding DJ needs, you can’t go past Coastal DJ & Video and DJ George for quality DJ and MC services.