Have you and your fiancée started discussing your wedding reception playlist yet? Well, start by setting aside a weekend when the bride, groom, and members of the wedding party can get together to sort things out. Of course, your Greenville Wedding DJ will gladly help you through this process, but some people like to tackle it beforehand to create a more tailored playlist.

Here are some important considerations to make when creating the perfect playlist for your wedding reception:

  • What kind of mood do you want to create during your reception? Most people want their guests dancing and smiling, so remember to play some decade hits for different age groups to enjoy, even if it isn’t exactly what you listen to regularly in the car.
  • Think about songs for traditional dances. If father and daughter or mother and son can recall a song that has been significant to their relationship with one another, use it for your dance together. The same rule applies to your first dance as a couple.
  • Will there be lots of children present? Don’t forget how fun it is to watch the kids boogie down on the dance floor. Play something really silly for them, even if its just once.

Your Greenville wedding DJ will keep the crowd moving!!

One of the most important things during your wedding reception is to keep your guests informed and entertained, and our Greenville wedding DJ will get the job done right. From the very moment we meet our brides and grooms, we begin planning the perfect mood for the wedding reception. Our experienced DJs can help put together a playlist for you or work with you on the one that you have already created.