If you’re getting married near Wilmington, NC, there is a good chance you’re getting married with your feet in the sand. And if you are getting married on the beach, you’re going to need microphones and speakers to be heard over the roar of the ocean and the din of the wind.

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However, there’s no electricity on the beach, so what can you do?

You can call us!

We have battery operated systems that will make your life a lot easier. No running around with electric cords, and we’ll even carry it for you.

  • 30 minutes of seating music, 30 mins for ceremony.
  • One 450 watt speaker, one CD player, one microphone on a stand, stands, and a battery pack system.
  • Includes wired microphone, stand, cables, and mixer.
  • Clip on wireless mic. UHF dual diversity.
  • 450 watts. For crowds of more than 125 people.

We’re excited to be part of your big day, and we’ll make sure your guest enjoy the ceremony no matter where they’re sitting!