There’s no better way to capture your beautiful day than with a wedding video done by a professional videographer. There are, however, many decisions to be made when pondering your wedding video. Also, don’t feel a wedding video is only about the big day. As the following shows, they can be so much more.

Types of Wedding Videography

Why not use videography in other parts of your wedding event, such as:

  • The Engagement. Many couples choose to have their engagement videoed. The best part about this is the element of surprise, where one of the couple is unaware the proposal will take place.
  • The Wedding Invitation. What better way than to send out your wedding invitation via video.

Styles of Wedding Videos

The style of your video is only limited by your imagination. Your professional videographer will listen to your wants and needs, and then offer suggestions to help achieve it.

  • The Narrative. This often involves interviewing the bride/groom and provides a full story of their past as a couple (their initial meeting); their present (their lives together now); and, their future (their plans).
  • Key Aspects of the Wedding. This is often a shorter video of the wedding, focusing on all the highlights. It’s perfect to upload to the internet to share with family and friends.
  • Still Photo Collection. Another style of video, this type mainly includes a slide show of still photos of the wedding. Depending upon what the couple require, video and music can be included within the photo show.

These are a small collection of the types of wedding videos you can request. Once you have your initial consultation with Coastal DJ & Video, you can discuss what it is you would like to achieve. For all your Outer Banks Wedding videography, no matter the type or style, you can’t overlook Coastal DJ & Video.