Professional DJ – Matthew Goleniak

    Years In The Business: 9

    George met Matthew at a local nightclub in downtown Wilmington after hearing about him through other local DJs. After seeing his talent and skills with the turntables, George decided to hire him. Matthew is a professional, versatile DJ that prides himself on his performance and is great for any event.

    Matthew started his journey DJing in 2008. Completely self-taught, he practiced everyday for a year straight honing in on his style. After leaving Detroit, Matthew decided to relocate and move South to Wilmington, NC where he started booking gigs at locals clubs. He has moved his way up the ladder and now holds the residency at several of Wilmington’s most prominent nightclubs. He is now working clubs, weddings, and private events all over Eastern NC.

    Matthews says: “I grew up in Metro Detroit. The music scene is so large and has created so many incredible artist that I always strive to be the best when I DJ.”

    “Anything less and I feel like I’m doing a disservice to my audience and to all the amazing talent that has come out of Detroit.

    Music Favorites: Hip hop/rap, Motown, Funk, House, EDM.