Professional DJ – James Pair

    The worst thing anyone can say to me is “I wish you had DJ’d our wedding”. It might sound like a compliment but to me it means you have a regret attached to the biggest day of your life and that is something that should never happen.

    James is a professional DJ with a 20 year background in commercial radio and has performed over 1,000 successful events. Each event has been different and has had it’s own unique challenges and left me more prepared to handle the next.

    Weddings are my favorite events. I wish I could do everyone’s wedding. When two people decide to take on the world together they should both be supported and celebrated, and the memories of that day should be filled with joy. That’s where I come in. Each moment counts. Those moments are priceless. They become memories and James is an expert at playing the right song for each of those moments.

    You only get one shot to put together the most special day of your life. Now is not the time to go with the lowest bid or your best friend’s cousin or (God forbid) someone’s phone. The right music is important, but your wedding day deserves much more than a playlist. I can transform your wedding from a ceremony into a celebration with music. It’s my calling. I love doing it. Let’s talk about how I can do it for you.