If you want some fun ideas for your wedding reception, your Outer Banks wedding DJ and Videographer is here to help. Every guest has a unique personality, and it’s always fun to see your friends and family get out of those seats and boogie down on the dance floor. Why not collaborate with your DJ to initiate dances that will cater to nearly all of your guest’s personal styles?

Give the Older Folks a Chance to Dance!

Every bride and groom likes their playlist to contain all of their favorite songs, but don’t forget those oldies. Your grandparents might surprise you when they race to the dance floor to do the twist. Your Outer Banks wedding DJ knows all of the right wedding music to play to get the older crowd moving and reliving their golden years. Who knows? They just might out dance you on the dance floor.

Are you Expecting a Lot of Kids?

There is nothing more adorable and entertaining than kids showing off on the dance floor. Have your wedding DJ play at least one song where he or she invites all of the children to take center stage. Not only will this be a picture perfect moment, but also all of your guests will be delighted. Play The Hokey-Pokey, Rockin’ Robin, or the Macarena, which are guaranteed to get the kids excited.

We Make Sure Your Guests Have a Blast!

At Coastal DJ & Video, we love to see smiling faces out on the dance floor. Our Outer Banks wedding DJ will make sure that everyone has a blast at your wedding by playing a little something for everyone to enjoy. Weddings are supposed to be fun, so don’t forget to give everyone a shot to show off their best dance moves. And don’t forget that we offer the best wedding videography too!