Planning your wedding and reception can be a lot of work.  There are so many different tasks that need to be taken care of that it can be tempting to take the path of least resistance in some areas.  Don’t take the easy way out when hiring your wedding DJ!

The DJ will be the center of your wedding reception entertainment.  Not only will he provide all of the music for the informal dancing, but he will also be in charge of the more formal wedding dances and the sound system itself (think of all the toasts and speeches).

So what do you need to look for in your wedding DJ?  Here are a few tips:

  • Experience – How much experience does your DJ have?  Ask him about some typical problems that can happen at weddings and how he handles them.
  • Equipment – Does your DJ have professional sound equipment?  The technical details may be over your head, so having a “techie” friend help you with this part is a good idea.
  • Playlist – How extensive is your DJ’s playlist?  Does he have all the songs you need (and all the songs you forgot that you need)?
  • References – Will your DJ provide references?  Be sure to call some of those references; if he has made other couples’ receptions fun and exciting then he can do the same for your reception.
  • Accessibility – Is he accessible and does he return phone calls and emails?  Easy communication and timely replies show that your DJ cares about you and your wedding.  Don’t get stuck with a DJ who sees your special day as just a paycheck.

Choosing a wedding DJ should be fun.  After all, the DJ will be the center of fun at your reception and he should easily carry this attitude into your meetings with him.  Just use the tips above and you will be assured of a great time on your big day.

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