April 14, 2013 was a beautiful day to be married in Duck at Aqua Restaurant, and Erica and Mike were the lucky couple to be blessed with this wonderful day. The water on the Currituck sound was peaceful and serine, an omen to the future they would have together. As Erica, Mike and the wedding party finished their pictures the guests were enjoying the views and cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres listening to some wonderful selections of mellow and tranquil tunes. As the cocktail hour wound down the bridal party was announced and everyone shared in some lively talk together while the music gradually transitioned to the slower and softer dinner hour favorites.

After the exquisite dinner buffet the reception moved to the bar area and the outside decks overlooking the sunset shimmering water while tables were removed to make room for the dance floor area. Then the volume went up, the lights went down and the people started to move to the vibes as the higher energy dance tunes bellowed from the speakers. The dancing went on through the evening and into the early night and everyone enjoyed the selection of tunes Mike and Erica had chosen. The party ended with a great glow stick tunnel the bride and groom exited under and the rest is just the beginning.

Congratulations to Erica and Mike and best wishes for a bright, peaceful and excited future.

David Grahek