Friday evening on a peaceful island located in the midst of the sound between the North Carolina mainland and the beautiful outer banks we celebrated as two hearts became united.

On this day the atmosphere was heavenly as the sun gleamed vibrantly across the water and the breeze blew in solitude with the beauty of the nature surrounding us. As day turned to night the bridal party arrived in the peaceful town of Manteo.

This is when the celebration of love between Jen and Mike began.

A Beautiful Beginning

The reception first kicked off with an extravagant introduction by DJ William Smith as he introduced the bridal party as they entered the room from the grand staircase. The introduction was then followed by heartwarming toast from both the Matron of honor and the best man. After that dinner was served and the room was filled with classical melodies that bring hearts together.

Soon it was time for the bride and grooms first dance. Jen and Mike shared their first dance together to the tune of Ben Folds classic song titled the Luckiest. Everyone in the room was very lucky to spend this special moment with them, especially at this beautiful Outer Banks reception location.

Time To Party!

After the first dance it was time to get the party started. This was when the real old fashioned fun began. The family and friends of the new Mr. and Mrs. Lavella enjoyed classic music along with some new age chart toppers as they danced the night away! After a period of open dance time it was time for the traditional cake cutting. Jen and Mike cut the cake as the song “When I’m 64” by the Beatles was playing. This was a beautiful song choice as it represents long lasting love.

The party then continued onward with more open dance time as DJ William Smith rocked the night away. Photographer George Wainwright also brought forth a celebration of his on in the Professional Photo Booth as many of those in attendance took numerous fun filled pictures!

Last Dance Too Soon

Time went by at a very rapid pace as everyone was having such a great time that it was soon time for the last dance of the evening. The new Mr. and Mrs. Lavella shared their last dance of the evening to the tune of “Dream a little dream of me” by the Mamas and Papas. The bride and groom then made their grand departure as the friends and family held sparklers that lit up the night sky as they made their exit.

It was such a beautiful evening to be a part of and your DJs from Coastal DJ & Video congratulate the both of you!