Do you want to make an unforgettable splash at your wedding? Well our Outer Banks wedding DJ is here to show you how to add that extra edge to your wedding reception. Many bride’s and grooms go to great lengths to plan an entertaining wedding reception, and one of the most fun ideas we often see is a memorable dance performance. Now, this is not for the timid, and it can be performed by the bride and groom together, the groomsman, the bridesmaids, or by all the above.

Keep the Excitement Going

We go out of our way NOT to bore your guests, but they may not expect an entertaining dance performance from you.

  • A popular new dance comes from the style that mocks the original evolution of dance. The couple starts off slow, perhaps even with a foxtrot, and then suddenly moves through decades of popular hits with entertaining dances that evolved from these hits. (Kung fu fighting, Thriller, The Twist, Stayin’ Alive, Hound Dog, Jump Around, Ice Ice Baby)
  • You can even get creative and select your own personal favorites.
  • The bride and groom get to show off their unique personality, while their guests sit back and enjoy an unforgettable show.

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

What could be more entertaining than doing a group dance performance with your bridal party? Your Outer Banks wedding DJ has all of the wedding music you need. The bridesmaids can do a dance with the bride front and center, or the groomsmen can do a dance along with the groom. You can even perform a dance off between the two groups, and involve your guests by allowing them to judge the winner!!

Your guests will be delighted with this unexpected surprise, and your Outer Banks wedding DJ will be glad to guide you through your music selections. You plan the dance, we’ll supply the tunes, and your guests definitely won’t ever forget your special day. And don’t forget that we offer great wedding videography too!