At Coastal DJ & Video, we know that you have plenty of questions when hiring an Outer Banks wedding DJ. We would like to take the time, and try to answer some of these questions for you, as you consider the different options for your wedding. It’s always nice to know whom you will be working with and what to expect.

I Have a Question!

Here Are Some Popular Questions & Answers from your Outer Banks Wedding DJ:


Q: Can you create a playlist for me, but avoid a list of songs that I do not like?

A: Yes. We are always willing to work with our clients to create a playlist, play all the music they love, and avoid the music they dislike.

Q: We want to meet out Wedding DJ and MC before the wedding. Would that be O.K?


A: In the event that you wish to select a specific DJ or MC, our Outer Banks wedding DJ or MC would be glad to meet the happy couple before the wedding.

Q: If you take a break during our reception, will there be any interruption in music?


A: Our wedding DJ will provide continuous music that will not be interrupted due to a break, particularly during important moments when the DJ or MC are needed the most. (Announcements, Important Dances)

Still Wondering?

Our Outer Banks wedding DJ service is top of the line, and we want our brides and grooms to be happy on their special day. For further answers to your questions, please feel free to call and ask one of our wedding DJ specialists. And don’t forget about our amazing wedding video packages.